Dirty Bird Concepts

Elevating Customization: Where Artistry Meets Horsepower

Our Story

John Shope started in the 80’s as an artist and sculptor prior to entering the custom motorcycle business. It wasn’t until the big economy crash that John knew he had to make a move in the motorcycle industry. He purchased a new bike and began not only creating new parts but, cutting up the stock ones. He wasn’t quite sure how the motorcycle community would respond but, he knew he was onto something and kept pushing forward. Known as, The Risk Taker, John continues to take chances in this industry striving to find the next great thing. Over the years John has won numerous awards including Chopped Bagger Best of Show, Buffalo Chip Supreme Sturgis Showdown (as seen on Biker Battleground) and won the title of Grand Champion Winner in the Baggers Invitational Bike Build-Off 2014, 2015 and 2016. To top it all off, in 2015 John received the greatest honor of all; he was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. John is known for creating one-of-a-kind custom baggers at Dirty Bird Concepts in Phoenix, Arizona. Known for creating the Dirtytail. These Softail-based customs not only look incredible, they do the one thing that no stock Softail has ever done, offer incredible handling.

Our Culture

Mission Statement

Our mission at Dirty Bird Concepts is to revolutionize the custom motorcycle industry by seamlessly blending artistry and innovation. Guided by the legacy of our founder, John Shope, we craft exceptional motorcycles that redefine aesthetics and performance. Through our unwavering dedication, we create a community that pushes boundaries and shares a passion for the extraordinary, reshaping the landscape of riding.

Our Vision

Our vision at Dirty Bird Concepts is to be the unrivaled pioneer in the custom motorcycle world, setting new benchmarks for innovation, design, and craftsmanship. We aim to inspire a global community of riders, artists, and enthusiasts who share our passion for pushing boundaries and embracing the extraordinary. Through our visionary approach, we envision a future where every road is transformed into a canvas of art and every ride becomes a testament to limitless creativity.

Our Values

At Dirty Bird Concepts, we’re defined by innovation, artistry, and quality. Our motorcycles push boundaries with cutting-edge ideas, transforming them into masterpieces through creative vision. Fearless risk-taking propels us forward, setting new standards in design. We’re a community united by our passion for excellence, continuously improving and honoring our founder’s legacy with authentic creations. Customer satisfaction drive us, making Dirty Bird Concepts a hub of innovation and artistry in the custom motorcycle world.


Prepare to be blown away as we take you on a wild ride through the world of Dirty Bird Concepts. Our jaw-dropping custom baggers have graced the pages of numerous prestigious magazines, earning us a reputation for our badass builds. With a perfect fusion of artistry and horsepower, our founder, John Shope, has revolutionized the custom bike business. Made in the USA, our top-quality Harley and Indian Motorcycle parts and accessories guarantee high performance and unrivaled style. Join our community of daring riders, talented artists, and passionate enthusiasts who push boundaries and embrace the extraordinary. Get ready to experience the ultimate in custom motorcycles – shop now and become a part of the Dirty Bird revolution!