Dirty Bird Concepts Harley Davidson chin spoiler install walk through.

Mock-up component parts for proper fitting before painting. 1) Screw in the bracket with provided bolts. 2) Then push the chrome screen inside the spoiler and use a small bit to drill shallow pilot holes. Be sure to use a washer to prevent ripping the chrome off the screen. 3) Once all the screws are in place take your center piece and center it where you want it. 4) Mark the holes before screwing the center piece on using screws and washers. 5) Test fit the chin spoiler to the Harley. After that you are ready to take the spoiler apart again and send it to the painter. 6) Once it is painted and put back together you are ready to mount it on your bike with bolts. This Harley Davidson chin spoiler works with crash bars. Check out all of our badass motorcycle chin spoilers.