Indian 26″ Bolt On Neck Kit Install

Indian Bolt On Neck Kit Install for 26″

Everything you need to know to properly install your custom Indian 26″ bolt on neck kit from Dirty Bird Concepts. Wrenches provided to tighten down to 3 1/2 lbs breakaway torque. If you have any questions please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Indian 26″ Bolt On Neck Kit Install

  1. Beaux Cooper says:

    When installing the lower portion onto the bottom of the actual neck of the motorcycle, how to you get it to seat so far in? The bottom of the neck is tapered and the top of that block is not.

    • Beaux Cooper says:

      NVM, that part isn’t on any of the exploded views. For anyone else watching this, The tapered ring at the bottom of the neck is the “race”. You can catch the edge of it with a long punch and use a rubber mallet to hammer it out.

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