Harley Complete Loud Road Glide Loud Pods 8″ & Tweeter With Audio Up To 2022


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Fairing Speaker Pods

John Shope new fairing speaker pods bolt right in to your Road Glide fairing in minutes. Houses a Euphoria 8″ speaker and tweeter. Made from our famous NYB polymer blends so its super strong with a perfect fit and finish. Ready to mock up and paint. Will not work with OEM or our Hot Rod bars. Level 2 installation. Please see below or warranty for more details.

  • DBC-278
  • Made from NYB polymer not ABS or fiberglass.
  • Euphoria EXM8SN 8″ Neo mid range Speaker.
  • Euphoria EXT1NB 1″ Titanium VC. 108 DB Sensitivity 4 OHM 125 watts.
  • Euphoria EX2K 2000 watt mono full range amp variable crossover.
  • Product is unpainted.
  • We do not offer paint.
  • For more information and video, please scroll down.
  • Made in USA.