Harley Extended Rake Bolt On Neck And Trees 26″ 1997 To 2018


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Neck Kit

Extended rake kit for 26″ wheel 42° instead of the standard 38°. Cutting and welding your frame permanently changes your motorcycle, this almost always instantly voids your warranty. A bolt on bolt off kit can easily be removed at any time and put back to stock condition. This is about the same as leading weld on kits but no welding, no cutting just bolt it on. You can unbolt the kit if you need to put your bike back to stock, or move to another bike. Level 2 installation difficulty. See description below for more details.

  • DBC-205
  • Made by American Suspension.
  • No weave or wobble guaranteed.
  • 26″ wheel kit.
  • Easy bolt on kit.
  • Superior fit and finish.
  • The full kit includes neck, stem, trees, bushings, fork caps and bearings.
  • All kits offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • This kit has a full US patent and made in the USA.