Indian – Stampede Series Gnarly Posse Pack 2014 To Present

$1,984.00 $1,734.00

NEW to the DBC Indian Stampede Series!

Gnarly Posse Pack comes complete with: (Your Choice of Chrome or Contrast Cut Black)

  • SI-746 Stampede Series Gnarly Rear Floorboards
    SI-714 Stampede Series Gnarly Grips
    SI-709 Stampede Series Gnarly Brake Pad
    SI-706 Stampede Series Gnarly Floorboards
    SI-729 Stampede Series Fork Cans
    SI-741 Stampede Series Gnarly Master Cylinder Rear Cover
    SI-742 Stampede Series Gnarly Master Cylinder Front Covers
    SI-723 Stampede Series Toe / Heel Peg
  • Level 2 Installation. See below for more details.
  • Made in America.