Indian Shift Peg Stampede Series Toe Heel Shift Peg 2014 To 2020


Indian Motorcycle Front Toe Heel Shift Peg

Finish off your bagger with the Gnarly Series Indian shift pegs. Easy to install and make a world of a difference to achieve that custom look. Available in contrast cut black or chrome and precision machined to give your foot some grip while shifting those gears. Level 1 Installation. See below for more details.

  • DBC-723
  • Pegs are sold individually, if you want a toe and heel peg you must order two.
  • Available in contrast cut black or chrome.
  • Machine precision cut Indian shift peg.
  • Like what you see? Pick up the entire Gnarly Series Posse Pack and save $$$
  • For more information and video, please scroll down.
  • Made in America