Indian Scout Rear Fender The Flat Track TT Ass End 2014 To 2019


Indian Scout Rear Fender

Let’s go racing! Inspired by John Shope and his flat track racing with the Hooligans, he brings you this awesome ass end rear fender kit. Looking to give your bike that café or flat track look? Look no further. Made from our super strong NYB polymer, this Indian Scout rear fender gives you style, durability and a cutting edge race look just like John’s race bike. This kit comes with everything you need, ass end rear fender, seat pan or a complete seat and tail light with LED license plate frame with mounting bracket. This is a game changer for your Indian Scout, Scout 60 and Bobber bike. Lets be real, nobody puts a passenger on this bike or saddlebags anyways and if you are, you are doing it wrong…. Level 2 Installation. See below for more details.

  • DBC-775
  • Race Tech Series.
  • Made from NYB polymer, not ABS or fiberglass.
  • Comes as a complete kit, tail light, LED license plate frame, wiring harness and ass end.
  • Replaces your factory rear fender and sub frame.
  • Made specifically for racing.
  • For more information and video, please scroll down.
  • Made in USA.