The Loud 8″ Speaker Grills


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Speaker Grills

Got our 8″ Loud Lids, Loud Lowers or Loud Pods? Well they are not complete unless you have these bitchin’ grills. Add a little more paint and style to your lids. Available in a chrome or black mesh grill and hardware is supplied.

  • DBC-264
  • Made from NYB polymer, super strong, practically unbreakable, not fiberglass or ABS.
  • Comes with ring, your choice of black or chrome mesh grill and screws.
  • Fits all of our 8″ products.
  • Sold as a set.
  • Product is unpainted.
  • We do not offer paint.
  • For more information and video, please scroll down.
  • Made in the USA.